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¿Como eliminar el OÍDIO en tu cultivo? - GROW 1NDUSTRY

¿Como eliminar el OÍDIO en tu cultivo?

Powdery mildew is a fungal disease that manifests itself as a white, ash-like layer that covers the leaves, fruits, branches and shoots of plants. If it attacks the leaves severely, they turn yellow and subsequently dry out. The fungus can easily spread through the plantation by wind and affect numerous plants. But don't worry, following these steps, your crop will surely end up feeling a 10. In most diseases, the best way to prevent powdery mildew is to keep plants strong and healthy . To achieve this, it is essential that the plant is well fed and nourished. In this sense, the soil plays an important role. If the soil is fertile, rich in organic matter and with good biological activity, the plants will grow strong and healthy, which will make them less susceptible to diseases and pests. To prevent powdery mildew in particular, it is advisable to promote biodiversity and biological activity in the agrosystem, especially in the soil. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the soil has good drainage and that the plants receive the appropriate amount of light, ventilation and shade. It is also essential to carry out periodic inspections of crops to keep them healthy. In summary, to prevent diseases it is essential to properly care for and nourish plants and promote the health of the soil and the agrosystem in general.

Treatment for powdery mildew

Although the ideal is to focus efforts on preventing the appearance of powdery mildew, sometimes it is not possible to prevent the plant from getting sick. In these cases, the most convenient thing is to proceed with the treatment against powdery mildew with the appropriate fungicides, as explained below. To treat powdery mildew, the first thing is to act as quickly as possible. If powdery mildew is treated in the earliest stages, even before its symptoms appear, less aggressive and more environmentally friendly products can be used, and it will help to accumulate less residue in the final product.

Fungicides against elodium

When combating powdery mildew in crops, it is advisable to opt for specialized fungicides that allow rapid control of this fungus. It is recommended to do the treatment in spring, which is when most fungi begin their activity. The most effective thing is to divide the total dose into 2 applications separated in time, instead of applying it all at once.
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