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5 Pelis super recomendadas - GROW 1NDUSTRY

5 Pelis super recomendadas

1.  Cheech and Chong
The Cheech and Chong films are a celebration of freedom, friendship and irreverence, and have inspired entire generations of comedians and filmmakers. Thank you Cheech and Chong for making the whole world laugh with your wit and creativity! This movie is about two musicians who intend to return home after being stranded on the road with a van made of happiness plants.

2. Good vibes
It's a comedy in which rappers Method Man and Redman star, and they decide to use the ashes of a deceased friend to fertilize a marijuana plant. After smoking the first joint, they discover that whenever they consume that plant, their deceased friend appears to them, so they decide to take advantage of these appearances to gain access to Harvard University. The problems start when they run out of grass and have to find a solution. This film is considered a classic of the stoner comedy genre.

3. Super Smoked

It is a comedy that follows the story of Dale Denton, a stoner court clerk, who buys his dealer a new variety of marijuana called Pineapple Express, distributed exclusively by him in the city. When Dale witnesses a murder and leaves a Pineapple Express butt at the crime scene, things get complicated for him and his drug dealer as a pair of thugs chase them down to silence them.

4. The life of PI

Although it is not related to the world of marijuana, we recommend watching this movie for its incredible special effects that will surely leave everyone amazed. "Life of Pi" is about the shipwreck of a young Hindu man who is adrift in a lifeboat for more than 200 days with a Bengal tiger. It is a beautiful adventure story about friendship, spirituality and social relationships between humans and animals.

5. Ali G Is Loose

Ali G is a neighborhood rapper who is worried about the imminent closure of the Boy Scout center he runs. When he decides to chain himself in protest for the cause, he manages to attract the attention of the prime minister and his team, who offer him to enter politics in exchange for not closing his center. However, Ali doesn't know that behind this seemingly innocent offer lies a twisted plan. Ali G finds himself involved in a series of political messes and conspiracies that he will have to face with his "charisma." This comedy is priceless and very entertaining.

There is a long list of movies that we can enjoy while we smoke some joints. We look forward to your comments so that the list continues to grow!

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